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Code Camp


@Nahsholim, Israel / 03-04. April 2019

YGLF 2019: Code Camp was a blast! Big thanks to everyone who took part! Check out the videos of the lectures, and photos, from the event. 

Code Camp is Over

YGLF 2019: Code Camp was a blast!

Big thanks to everyone who took part!

Check out the videos of the lectures,

and photos, from the event. 

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01.  Let's Go Out

Code Camp

Introducing a first-time for YGLF - YGLF Code Camp!

This year, we decided to go with something a little different and spice things up. After three successful conferences in Israel, a superb one in Ukraine, and another one coming this spring in Lithuania, YGLF Code Camp is all about taking frontend tech out for a stroll in nature, offering a unique event, with overnight, to an exclusive group of experienced and enthusiastic frontend developers.

editor yglf-06.png
editor yglf-06.png

02.   Amazing Talks

Our Speakers

As always, YGLF will be hosting amazing speakers from all around the globe, and host exceptional workshops. Make sure to check back regularly, as this is just the beginning, there is a lot more coming!

Brandon Dail

Facebook, React Core Contributor

Brandon Dail is an engineer, international speaker, and open source enthusiast currently working at Facebook. He's a Core Contributor to React and has helped maintain the project for the last years.

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Brandon Dail.jpg
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Kyle Simpson.jpg

Kyle Simpson

Evangelist of the Open Web

Kyle Simpson is an evangelist of the Open Web, passionate about all things JavaScript. He writes, speaks, teaches, and contributes to OSS.

Shmuela Jacobs

Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

You will always see a smile on Shmuela's face, but if you want to add some extra glow in her eyes talk to her about Angular, community, or her little ngBaby. As a Google Developer Expert, she teaches, consults and speaks about Web and Angular all around the world. Shmuela is the founder of ngGirls - an initiative aiming to increase diversity in the programming world. She works as a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, where she gets to connect with the web community around Azure tools and contribute to related open source projects.

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Shmuela Jacobs.jpg
editor yglf-16.png

Una Kravets


Una Kravets is a Brooklyn-based international public speaker, technical writer, and the Director of Product Design at Bustle Digital Group. She's written for various online publications such as A List Apart, 24 Ways, Smashing Magazine, and SitePoint, and started both the DC and Austin Sass Meetup groups. Una also co-hosts the Toolsday developer podcast and has a Youtube video series called The Markup Artist, which features videos about about life, fashion and tech.


03.  The Playground


Code Camp will take place at Nahsholim Holiday Village, located north of Caesarea and right above Dor beach, one of Israel's best beaches and preserved nature reserves. Indoor tech will meet outdoor magic at a remarkable event on the terrace. Awesome fun by the beach, grassy green carpets and an altogether pastoral vibe.

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