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Meet The MC: Bruce Lawson

As part of our preparations for YGLF 2019 Code Camp we're excited to share with you another interview, in the series of interviews, with this year's amazing people who take part. Hear their stories and their professional insights. This time we're with Bruce Lawson (@brucel) our mighty MC. You can also watch Bruce's message for you here.

Q: Hi Bruce, tell us a bit about yourself

I'm an English Literature and Drama graduate who got into computing in the late 80s, writing for mainframes and minicomputers before hitting the road for 8 years to teach English, read tarot cards, be a bar musician and tutor a Princess' daughter. I got back into computers in the year 2000 after discovering the world wide web.

Q: Who is your favourite tech thought leader and why?

I don't really follow 'thought leaders' - I learn from the whole community, small tips and tricks on blogs or twitter, looking at source code on GitHub. But I do have great admiration for Sir Uncle Timbo (Tim Berners-Lee) who invented the web, gave it to all of us for free (!) and continues working to keep the web open, free and democratic.

Q: What advice would you give yourself at the outset of your career?

My advice to my younger self would be: concentrate on understanding the business problem to be solved rather than fetishising a language, a framework or toolkit. 

Thank you, Bruce!

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