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Meet The Speaker: Julien Benchetrit

As part of our preparations for YGLF 2019 Code Camp (it's almost here!) we're excited to share with you another interview, in the series of interviews, with this year's amazing speakers. Hear their stories and their professional insights. This time we're with Julien Benchetrit (@julienbenc)

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in France and moved to London at 17 to study biomedical engineering. I initially worked in global health, specifically on improving hospital infrastructure in resource-poor countries (via Engineering World Health ). I learned my first web development skills for a global health project and then slowly moved to being a developer full time, and I'm very excited to be working in healthcare again though (via my current position at

Q: Who is your favourite tech thought leader and why?

At the risk of being unoriginal, I have to say Dan Abramov (@dan_abramov). He's a great asset to the community if only for his recent articles.

Q: What advice would you give yourself at the outset of your career?

Take a chill pill. Everything will be fine. Also, contribute to open source projects. It's a great way to improve your skills.

Q: What will you teach us at YGLF 2019: Code Camp?

My presentation is about the art of building small, interactive and reusable components for the web. Why do we need this skill? Why is it so much harder than we might expect at first? How can we get better at it and why is it worth the trouble?

Thank you, Julien!

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